About Us

We founded the Drive Formula based on a shared desire to make the workplace better. We spend most of our adult lives at work, yet how many of us truly love or feel proud of what we do? We believe that employees fundamentally want to produce quality work. When a person is able to support themselves and their family while doing something they are proud of, they will be more engaged at work, happier, and more fulfilled. Quite often, the passion we felt when took that dream job quickly fades or sours, not because we no longer care about the work, but because we do not feel heard, appreciated, or efficiently utilized.

When we improve communication, increase trust, and create clear expectations, we can change all of that. We will see a marked increase in productivity and a noticeable decrease in sick days, disciplinary issues, and complaints.

We believe the principles of the Drive Formula will resonate with you as we compare business leadership to something you probably use every day—cars. After experiencing the Drive Formula, every time you sit down in a car or walk through a parking lot, you will think of the leadership principles you learned in these pages.


Marcus Williams

Marcus is a former Supervisory Special Agent with NCIS and has worked with professionals from around the world in some of the toughest environments. He loves to get to the heart of every issue, where true rebuilding can begin.


Eric Liechty

Eric is a respected business owner, founder of a non-profit dedicated to helping former addicts and prisoners find meaningful employment, and has an MA in Organizational Psychology. He is passionate about creating the right workplace environment by increasing employee engagement and mental health.