Accelerating Business Through Communication, Trust, and Engagement.
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What is the Drive Formula?

The Drive Formula is a revolutionary new way of looking at your business, your career, and your future.

Find a new appreciation for the thousands of moving parts it takes to make your business work by comparing it to the vehicles we take for granted everyday.

Turn the key and your car starts. Wouldn’t it be great if your employees were just as reliable? They can be!

When you put the right person in the right job and truly appreciate their expert contributions, you will improve communication and increase employee engagement, as if you just dropped into gear and hit the gas.

Getting Behind the Wheel

Today, leaders must grow to understand that it is truly the employees who drive the company.

Shifting Gears

When you create a place where people want to be, where they feel valued, where they feel they are being utilized effectively, they will hit turbo and want to optimize their performance.

Trusting the Components

Your employees will only communicate freely and honestly if they know what is expected of them and trust that you will listen and act when they communicate with you.

Heeding the Sensors

You should be actively engaged in communicating with your employees and making sure they know that your goal is to put them in a role where they will be engaged and productive.

Learning to Drive

A great driver isn’t the one who can do the engine’s job the best, it’s the one that knows how to listen to the machine and keep it running.

Driving to Success

You are managing a fleet of very different, individual car choices driven by unique and talented individuals. Keep the car shined and in tip-top shape and you will be surprised at how far and fast they will go.

Drive Formula Diagnostics

“When you take your car into the mechanic, you expect that they will do a thorough job diagnosing the cause of whatever issue you are having with the car. Even if you bring it in for regularly scheduled maintenance, you expect they will look things over and call your attention to any potential problems or impending issues. You may bring your car in for an oil change and learn that your brake pads are in bad shape or that your brake light is out. Ultimately, you want to fix any issues before they become expensive or dangerous problems.

Whether you know you have a problem and want to learn how to fix it, or are looking for a tune-up, the Drive Formula’s proprietary process is designed to get to the truth of where you stand and what you can do to increase trust, communication, and engagement throughout your company. We speak with every employee and use that information to provide comprehensive and honest feedback to your leadership team.

Tell us more about what you are experiencing and we will contact you with our initial thoughts, free of charge. If the Drive Formula is right for your company, we will work with you to schedule your diagnostics session and report.”

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Small Teams

Tune-up your team to work together to execute your mission with precision.


Boost morale and mental health by creating a culture of clear expectations and honest communication.

Company Wide

Increase employee engagement and loyalty by ensuring every employee is in the right position.


Get all leadership on the same page when you shift together to race mode.

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“Change up your next all hands meeting or corporate retreat with a keynote address from the innovator behind the Drive Formula, Eric Liechty. He will engage and inspire your team to crank the ignition on their careers and create a workplace where everyone feels valued and engaged.

By utilizing his extensive experience, he will help you shift your mindset and perspective to relate your professional identity to cars in a way that will leave you making connections and breakthroughs long after the talk.”

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See what our clients are saying.

"This book put into perspective the lessons I learned the hard way that I wish I had known about to shorten the learning curve in becoming a new manager. A great addition to my leadership and continuous improvement book collection."
"Every leader has to have a piece of humble pie. It’s a lot cheaper to learn it the right way through education. This book puts it in perspective and is very educational."

Marcus Williams

Marcus is a former Supervisory Special Agent with NCIS and has worked with professionals from around the world in some of the toughest environments. He loves to get to the heart of every issue, where true rebuilding can begin.


Eric Liechty

Eric is a respected business owner, founder of a non-profit dedicated to helping former addicts and prisoners find meaningful employment, and has an MA in Organizational Psychology. He is passionate about creating the right workplace environment by increasing employee engagement and mental health.